In recent time all over the World, we all seem to eat on our television screens with many cooking programs the propose to us.

One out of three is talking or dealing with slow or slow foods and dishes as if we never cooked or ate before.

But does not want to be different, but only do another type, that is cooking from from all over the world, or areas where these are no proposed or  you

can lay your hands on. some will just be recipes to experiment, while  while others may be shown in live streaming.





Ingredients: Beef  Stew

1lb. Beef (not ground) i. e. Cut meat,  2 carrots,   2 green peppers,   4 tomatoes,  4 onions, Coriander

Curry powder,  Black pepper,  Seasoning salt,  Crisco cooking oil, (Vegetable oil),  salt.


Fry the onions that have been chopped until they turn brown.

Add tomatoes and chopped green pepper. Add tomatoes and green pepper.

Add carrots, black pepper and coriander.

Wash the cut meat and prinkle it with seasoning salt. When the carrots have become slightly soft, add the cut meat.

When meati s almost cooking add some curry powder and salt to taste.

Pilau rice Ingredients:

1.5 L.B. rice (water according to rice),  0.5 L.B. green peas,  2 cans pilau masala (type of spice) .

3 onions,  3 tomatoes.    Crisp oil (Vegetable oil) Salt


Wash the rice with cold water. Boil the peas until co0oked.

Chop onions and then fry them until bthey turn slightly brown.

When add tomatoes that have been peeled and cut.

Boil some of the rice with the pilau masala untili t boils.

Add some salt to taste. Add the rest of the water to the fried onions and tomatoes.

Then add the green peas when the water starts boiling and the rice. Then let it cook.

by Kathy Nutford.







1 boneless chicken thigh,  ¼ onion, chopped,  1 cup strained tomatoes,  ½ tsp. Onion powder,  ¼ lb. Mozzarellla cheese

1 tbs. Garlic powder,  lg. Flour tortilla,  1 can cream of mushroom soup.


Boil chicken until tender, Remove, reserving broth. Chop chicken into small pieces.

Grate cheese. Combine chicken, onion, cheese, powders and tomatoes.

Dip tortilla into warm chicken broth and quickly remove. Line casserole dish with tortilla. Deepchicken mixture.

Pour soup over chicken, spreading to casserole edges. Bake at 350 °F for 35 min. or until bubbly and hot.

by Mary Commini

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